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Some Tips to Help You Shop for the Right CBD - Part 1

CBD is becoming increasingly popular as a natural health supplement, but how do you know which CBD product is right for you? With so many choices on the market, it can be intimidating to begin shopping for the right CBD product. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help you make an informed decision.

1. Determine Your Goals and the Best Method of Using CBD

The reason you want to use CBD is the first thing to think about. Although it has been suggested that it may help with a wide range of health issues, from pain and anxiety to MS and opioid addiction, the only conditions for which it has been conclusively shown to be effective so far are two uncommon but life-threatening types of epilepsy.

Even little is understood regarding the optimal CBD delivery method, be it oral, topical, or sublingual. Nevertheless, there is always guidance available from specialists.

Inhaling CBD using a vape pen (similar to an e-cigarette) or a traditional cigarette may provide the quickest relief from symptoms like muscle cramping or anxiety. Oil drops beneath the tongue have the potential to work quickly.

Some people may experience the effects of a lotion applied directly on the skin immediately, while others may need several hours. On the other hand, it may take 30 minutes or more for your body to absorb CBD from food products. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of each format by reading up on the topic.

2. Think About How Much THC Is In It

Many potential CBD users are concerned about avoiding the psychoactive effects of THC, so knowing this information is crucial. In addition to determining the product's efficacy and availability, the THC content is useful information to have.

According to Martin Lee, head of Project CBD and author of "Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana—Medical, Recreational, and Scientific," there is evidence that CBD may perform better when paired with at least a little THC. According to Lee, this is an example of the "entourage effect," which describes how the combined effects of two chemicals and their associated molecules in a plant are more powerful than the sum of their parts.

Certainly, the idea has not been empirically verified. It's possible that adding a trace quantity of THC (below the 0.3 percent threshold for CBD products derived from hemp) could increase the drug's medicinal efficacy.

So if you want something that has some THC but not enough to get you high, seek a product manufactured from hemp. These products also benefit from being extensively distributed, both digitally and physically.

It may be more difficult to locate a CBD product with more than 0.3% THC. First of all, you'll need to be in a state that has fully legalized marijuana, not just CBD. In the twenty states that have legalized medical marijuana alone, you'll also need a doctor's referral and a visit to a dispensary authorized by your state to make the purchase. You don't need a doctor's recommendation to buy marijuana in Alaska, California, Colorado, Oregon, Massachusetts, Nevada, or Washington, where medicinal and recreational use is allowed.

3. Determine the Origin of Hemp-Based Goods

Many CBD supplements on the market today are derived from hemp rather than marijuana. That said, it's also worth considering where the hemp came from.

According to Colleen Lanier, executive director of the Hemp Industry Association, most of the hemp utilized in CBD products sold in the United States comes from either Colorado or Oregon (both of which have lengthy histories with cannabis) or Kentucky (which approved a statute to promote hemp growers in 2013).

As far as these other options go, Lanier thinks Colorado's hemp program is the strongest. The state's agricultural program conducts in-field spot tests on hemp for THC content and will investigate the possible use of prohibited chemicals if complaints are received.

Hemp products manufactured with ingredients sourced from countries where hemp is illegal to grow to present an even greater threat because they have not been subjected to state or federal regulation. As Lanier puts it, "test results need to be made available to consumers," and "manufacturers should follow the FDA's guidance for good manufacturing procedures."


Indeed, shopping for the right CBD oil can be a daunting task if one is not adequately informed. It is, therefore, important to take note of the tips discussed above to ensure that the CBD oil purchased is of high quality and suitable for the intended purpose.

Taking them all into consideration should help you make a great purchase in the long run.

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