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Some of the Possible Reasons for a CBD Color Change

There are a number of factors that can affect how a cannabidiol tincture appears. Fortunately, the product's quality will not decrease as a result of these pigment shifts.

CBD oils can alter colors, commonly resulting in black CBD oil or CBD oil becoming pink. It is also usual for these oils to have a brownish hue.

The transformation of color is usually caused by preliminary chemical processes. Plant components in your oil can change appearance in response to environmental variables like heat and light.

What Is the Real Color of a Pure CBD Oil?

So, you've finally decided to pick up your first bottle, but when you open it up, you find that the tincture within is a shade or two darker than you were expecting. Maybe you thought it would be colorless, or maybe you were picturing something with a more natural tone. Either way, it's logical to be asking, "What color should my CBD oil really be?"

Honestly, CBD oils might arrive in a range of hues and consistencies. Black, brown, gold, pink, and clear tinctures are the most prevalent. Each of them will represent a different spectrum of hemp chemicals that affects the oil's final hue.

As was previously noted, the tincture's color may shift. Even if the color of your cannabidiol tincture has changed over the course of a year, you can still use it safely. You may count on the product to retain its efficacy and integrity so long as it is kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight for extended durations.

Is It Possible for CBD Oil to Be Colorless?

The clearest CBD products are the most refined and pure ones. Some premium CBD oils even have transparent tinctures while still preserving their efficacy. Even after being infused with CBD, some MCTs retain their transparent aspect.

Chlorophyll and all lipids are eliminated during the extraction procedure used to produce some CBD. This results in a fairly mild flavor and an agreeable consistency. These products have a high concentration of bioactive hemp chemicals while retaining a low amount of plant material.

Why Do Some CBD Oils Turn Black or Brown?

Tinctures of cannabidiol have also been reported to change color from clear to a brownish-black hue. That said, the change in color is not indicative of deterioration. These cannabidiol oils gradually darken as a natural response to the environment, particularly heat, sunlight, and even extended shelf life.

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum items often have a more muted, shady hue. This might take time to be apparent upon purchase, but the product's color may change with extended storage. Another thing to keep in mind is that not everything that falls under the broad-spectrum category stays brown.

In such a case, don't freak out if you see brown spots in your fresh oil. You may rest assured that this product contains nothing more than extra hemp chemicals designed to promote the health of the body's own endocannabinoid system.

The Proper Ways to Store Your Cannabidiol Products

Their changes in chemical composition may be safe, but the same stimulus that induces them may hasten the aging of your product. It's recommended that you keep your CBD tincture in the fridge or another cool, dark place. Refrigeration is a great option if you want your oils to last as long as possible and remain clean.

If you plan on using the same bottle for a lengthy period of time, it's important to keep the top, neck, and dropper sanitized. They may be kept spotless with weekly rinsing in warm water with a sprinkle of soap. The rest can be taken care of by simply flushing the dropper regularly and wiping the bottle's rim down with a damp cloth.

The only time you should think about throwing out your CBD product is if you notice unappealing brownish lumps accumulating on the interior of the bottle. This is quite unusual and usually points to a long period of neglect that allowed bacteria to multiply.


Indeed, there are many possible reasons for CBD color changes, including oxidation, strain-specific pigments, and environmental factors. It is essential to know that all CBD products may eventually darken over time, but this does not necessarily mean that the product is spoiled. The color change could be due to a variety of factors, so it is important to pay attention to the product's smell, taste, and texture if you suspect any of these factors may be causing the color change.

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